New IPad App - Mark Watched

Accidentally clicked Mark Watched on a recording and now it disappeared. Where did it go? Can I get it back?

@guck11 are you sure it disappeared or did the window just collapse back down? I just tested the mark watched button and it didn’t do anything except for collapse the window. it didn’t mark it as watched, delete it or move it.

Okay I think I know what’s going on there’s an update in beta for the Tablo firmware. There was stability problems and iOS 8 so the app got released before the firmware. And those buttons are not active until we get the firmware update. That just my guess.

I just tested again on a different series and it just collapsed the window and the episode is still there. The series I tried it on last night had 11 episodes on the main tile. On the first episode in sub-list I tried the mark watched button and it removed it.

Do you have to be on ios8 to use the new app?

Do you have to be on ios8 to use the new app?

No.  The Tablo app will work on ios7 and 8.

@guck11 Are you running the new iOS 8 app along with the Tablo’s beta we have going on right now? 

No I have not updated to ios8 yet. It only did that once, subsequent tests had not deleted when pressing mark watched. I will test with the new firmware and let you know how it goes.