New Free TV Service, Nice!

Has anybody seen the new OTT service from Sinclair? I found it on the Fire TV today, booted it up and it is fantastic. It’s called “STIRR” (the second R is backward on the app).

The APP is polished, beautiful and very nice. There’s a conventional “Guide”, and a nice GUI with various features & highlights to browse through.

Some antenna content that’s familiar to Tablo-ites such as Comet & Charge and a mix of other free content (Cheddar, BUZZR, Moviemix, DUST, Nasa TV, Gravitas, etc.). Looks like about twenty channels or so at this time.

Cities … you can view news from your locale or one nearby. Or explore other parts of the country by selecting a city on the opposite coast (or somewhere in between). I’ve been pro-Pluto for a long time, I think I like this even better. Nowhere near the channel volume but so well done.

This is worth checking out, it is a lot of fun.


Sinclair has been making some big moves apart from buying local stations. They are one of the leaders in the ATSC 3.0 area having designed an ATSC 3.0 tuner chip for device manufacturers. So this move into content distribution parallels their other initiatives.


Yep, found it today. So far only able to download the apps on tvOS and iOS (not on Roku) yet.

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Sinclair is a founding member of the Pearl TV consortium. Sinclair is highly interested in the opportunities of B2B in ATSC 3.0.


They’d been talking about something like this for awhile, I had no idea it was this imminent. The service is excellent, they really put this together properly before launch.

I found it on Fire TV devices this morning. Roku can’t be far behind.

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I had no knowledge of this site, thanks for the heads-up. Some very interesting reading and information here. Looks like this STIRR thing is a portent of great things to come.

I have STIRR installed on my ROKU now.

Haven’t had a chance to look at it yet.


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Where is this channel? I searched and cant find it?


I just searched for “stirr” on under “what to watch”. I had to login to my account of course to install it.

I wanted to attach a screen shot, but saw no way to do this.


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I assume this is the USA only?

As of this morning, it was only available on Fire TV Devices. Someone has said it’s available on ios as well.

Get it online as well. When you get to the landing page, just choose a city (any city) and you’re in. Once in, you can view the guide, watch movies, anything you want.

Try this:

Screenshots (Fire TV device):

Just loaded it from Roku streaming channels search on Roku.

Yes. It’s been rolling out on Roku throughout the afternoon and evening, just found it myself a few hours ago. Looks great too.

Has potential. Reminds of Pluto a bit (though Pluto is arguably better?)

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I really like Pluto, it’s one of my favorite resources. This is something of a “starter” and it’s a great beginning. I like the “Cities” component of this and the Program Guide / Grid is also very nice.

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