New Firmware Update For Legacy Models

When the new firmware comes out for us Legacy model owners are we going to be able to get the fast channels on our Legacy models and be able to record them. I somehow have the feeling that it will only be a trial period to use the new firmware on our devices. If we decide to keep it on on devices will it work or are we going to have to buy the new Tablo. If the firmware is not a permanent thing for the Legacy devices it will not be worth downloading it

The wording “the newest Tablo apps and free streaming channels are not YET (capitalization mine) compatible” seems to imply that they will eventually be compatible and once they are doesn’t seem to imply continuing to use them would require moving to the 4th gen unit.

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Previous responses seem to indicate you’ll be able to sign in and out of both apps (legacy and new) with the updated firmware on a legacy device.

I understand tablo or Nuvyyo has new corporate leaders, they have a historysince their exsistence…
Yet to come
On our roadmap
We’re looking into it/that
Real popular suggestion, I’ll pass it on

As for 1:1 upgrade, new capabilities are limited to U.S. You need to protect users from screwing up their devices function.