NEW Firmware Release (2.1.8)

A new firmware release is available for Tablo. Your iOS, Android and web-based apps should notify you of its availability and prompt you to install it. Our Roku app will provide a prompt, but you’ll have to visit one of the other apps to initialize the update.  

This release contains:

  • Several channel scanning improvements including detecting stations with very weak signals
  • Improvements to guide updating to reflect the most current schedule changes
  • Support for Wi-Fi setup via the web-based app
  • Do not reset your Tablo during the update process - this can cause faults on your hard drive.
  • When it is powered on, your Tablo checks every 4 hours to see if an update is available. To obtain the update immediately, check to make sure your Tablo is not recording and press the reset button once. This will cause the Tablo reset and check for a software update within 5 minutes.
  • If you initialize a firmware update during a recording, this will cause your recording to fail. You can choose to delay the firmware update, but please try to keep your Tablo as up-to-date as possible to enjoy an optimal experience.

Hmmm. All of my borderline/weak channels vanished after update. Unfortunately, my local NBC affiliate was one of them.

was the Roku app updated?

Anyone else having issues with web ui on pretty much any browser on mac / Linux / Win ?

On the TV shows page, I can’t get the Channels tab to display isolated channels. This was working until today. (Windows 7 Chrome)

Picked up a couple of new channels on this update.

I’m having the same problem with the Chrome app as HarryR since the new update. 

I am seeing the same thing with my Chrome browser, which is making bringing any show list very slow.  My iPad is working perfectly.

Thanks for the feedback everyone. We’re looking into the issues with the web-based app! 

@gtate - Odd that you lost channels as the fix was supposed to make it easier to get marginal channels. Have you tried running a new channel scan? 

@fredmarkle - No, didn’t push a Roku update on Friday. Why? 

Hi folks - The ‘channels’ tab should be fixed now. 

I just got home and checked it out.  The channels tab is working correctly for Chrome for me.  Thanks!

Thanks for fixing the Chrome app. 

After my channels quit working I ran a new channel scan and they didn’t even show up any more. They were marginal at best before (very glitchy) but now they are just gone.

On my roku I have noticed watching live it works fine for a short period and then I get the loading blue bar. It hangs there until I hit the fast forward for just a second or two and then play. No other issue after that. It’s like the buffering up a channel adds a eof or break in the recording to make it hang.

@gtate and @wolverine - Touch base with and they’ll see about resolving your issues. 

@TabloTV I was just checking. The instructions mentioned the Roku but I didn’t see an update, I figured it was just generic update instructions. No worries.

@fredmarkle - Your Roku should provide a notification to you about a Tablo firmware update whether it includes a Roku specific update or not, thus the Roku mention.