NEW Firmware Release (2.1.6)

A new firmware release is available for Tablo. Your iOS, Android and web-based apps should notify you of its availability and prompt you to install it. Our Roku app will provide a prompt, but you’ll have to visit one of the other apps to initialize the update.  

This release contains:

  • Improvements to image handling
  • Tweaks for the Roku app including a fix for playing sports recordings, the addition of new episode details and a firmware version check capability
  • A fix for an issue where thumbnails for recordings were not being displayed
  • After the firmware update completes, a disk maintenance operation will start which can take several minutes to run and may cause your Tablo app to time out.  
  • Do not reset your Tablo during the update process - this can cause faults on your hard drive.
  • When it is powered on, your Tablo checks every 4 hours to see if an update is available. To obtain the update immediately, check to make sure your Tablo is not recording and press the reset button once. This will cause the Tablo reset and check for a software update within 5 minutes.
  • If you initialize a firmware update during a recording, this will cause your recording to fail. You can choose to delay the firmware update, but please try to keep your Tablo as up-to-date as possible to enjoy an optimal experience.

Awesome job, keep up the great work

That’s the plan Fred. This is just the beginning. As we add new features and improvements, we’ll send them out to you!

I don’t know if it was the update but after the update my roku does a annoying buffering from time to time and really bad like 5 times back to back when I fast forward several minutes. Now for the good other features are faster - thank you.

Recorded shows can now be deleted from within the Roku app.  Nice!!!

@wolverine - That’s odd. Send a note to support if you keep experiencing this.

My Roku Channel has stopped working since the update.  It says that my Tablo is not setup and needs to be setup via iPad.  When I pull up the iPad app, the Tablo is fine.  I recycled power on both the Tablo and Roku,  but it is still not working.  I have a Roku 2 XD.

@stewa073 Sorry to hear that! We’re working on finding a resolution. If you contact they can work with you directly on this.

The latest version fixed my weird buffering issue, but now have small issue I commented on in the 2.18 version area. Not a big problem by any means.