New fast internet - different results?

Hello, i find it puzzling why I now have a 1gig internet speed and ran some test on speedtest site and get different results for 2 computers connected to the same cat5e cable. My desktop shows 900-950mbps consistently. I remove the cable and plug into my work laptop and it consistently shows 200-250mbps.

Same cable different results. Why? I’d expect them to be identical? What am I missing?


Not everybody’s gigabit i/f is truly gigabit.

The gigabit rate is only good for wired connections, not wireless. Plus if your laptop does not speed up when the ethernet cable is plugged in, is it possible that it does not have a gigabit rated circuit?

I am leaning on the side of a hardware thing. When I view properties of the adapters Desktop is “Intel 1211 gigabit network connection” and laptop is “Intel Ethernet Connection 1218-LM”. Even-though my switch lights both up as 1000mbps when plugged in. Or maybe a driver thing? Anyways can’t play around with the work laptop just in case I totally mess it up.

It could be your ethernet card on your computer… Check the manufacturer of your laptop and see if there’s any firmware updates…

Some of these hardwares have different vendors of manufacturer and yes some are cheap and they claim gigabit until you actually test it and voila…

Thoughts on this solution?