New channes in Austin TX

17.8 is Oxygen CrIme
17.9 is NBC LX
both need gude data and ticket opened today

edit 31.6 is now SCRIPS NEWS have not opened ticket yet. Already have 2

Does titantv know about these channels? Would gracenotes have their schedule if titantv doesn’t. Do these channels show up on the stations Wiki page or web site.

titantv knows about NBC LX

Also 17.1 is supposed to be Story Television soon with the folding of Azteca America.

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so your saying titantv for austin lists channels above 17.7

I have an login and have custom list. I added nbc lx to it and based schedule off of nbclx station. I wish Gracenote could do it that simple.

Where did you hear that? I have Story on Philo

The Azteca America folding was on their website and Wikipedia (for what it’s worth) stated Story TV will be soon.

Any idea when Story is coming?

I guess it is not going to happen. I do see that ION is now on 17 instead of 36 because their tower is still being worked on. Maybe Story will come along after the 36 tower is repaired.

not repaired…replaced.