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A local NBC affiliate just moved to a new broadcast channel and deleted the old one.
I did a rescan (successfully) and found the new channel.
However, there is absolutely NO program data on that channel in the lineup. All of NBC shows that had been recording weekly, no longer show up. I can watch it live, but no guide data for present and future programming.
I have reset the unit and rescanned, I have changed zip code to another local one, and nothing works.
I’m pretty sure this is an issue on the broadcast side, but wanted to make sure it’s not maybe something I’ve missed.

You should put in a help ticket. It will eventually work itself out, but the ticket will alert Tablo to move the process along with Gracenote (the guide provider)

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If you are referring to KXAN in Austin, it is a temporary problem. The tower was damaged by the ice storm last week, and Monday or Tuesday should be repaired, and all the stations back on the air. I am hoping it is in time for Quantum Leap on Monday…


YES - that’s the one! I was hoping that was the case. Thank you for the info!!!
And ditto;-)

If it is KXAN, formerly 36.1 that is now on 54.5 I have put in a ticket. It normally takes a week but has taken over a month. Hopefully the guide provider does not remove 36 since it is coming back. The transmitter was damaged beyond repair so they moved NBC. Cozi TV and other subchannels gone for now New transmitter will be ordered, installed, and switched back. I don’t know about 54.5 at that point

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Thank David Yeoman’s for posting on his FB page

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I just called and had them add that the call letters and everything moved to 54.5. Also to please don’t remove any of the 36 stations as they will be back.

guide data now

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