New channel in Oklahoma City

:wave:t3: just an FYI: DABL is now live in Oklahoma City, (OTA channel 4-4). Just rescanned this morning and it was there. Thought I would share for any fellow citizens of the 405.

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Iā€™m just now getting guide information. I only get 4-1 NBC, with 3 sub channels. 5-1 ABC, with me tv, 9-1 NBC, with news9, 25-1 Fox with 2sub channels, and 43-1 with 3 subs.

Wow, that is strange. Do you reside in 73112 area? How long have you had Tablo?

No Iā€™m way out of OKC market. 73521 receive signal from Hollis tower. All my channels except a VHF channel are translated. My CBS 9-1 is translated from a tower thirty miles away. The other CBS 6-1 from Wichita Falls Texas is over sixty miles. Nm(dB) 5.0, Pwr (dBm -85.8 and 2edge. OKC 9-1 NM(dB) 15.2, Pwr (dBm) -75.5.
I get a lot of tropospheric ducting from the OKC channels. That will cause interference which prevents CS and usually will create a reboot that prevents my other channels from recording correctly. Really creates havoc during football season. I try to record as many games possible. Who knows which one is going to be best. College and pro. Iā€™m also a nascar fan and some weeks the networks have all three plus college and pro football games. Then get a 40 degree temperature change with Tablo every thing Iā€™m trying to record is messed up.