"New" category for Movies

I would like to add a suggestion for a “New” category for Movies.
There is currently a “New” category for TV shows, which I don’t find as useful since many TV shows air daily, especially in syndication.
However, with Movies, it would be great to have a category that shows all of the movies that have been added across all channels to the guide in (for example) the last 72 hours or so.

Nice idea, but your implementation - guide is updated daily, when one day drops off another is added on, and the previous may be updated. So what was added 72 hours ago as “new”, would have been added around some couple hundred hours prior.

A math magician could likely conjure up an algorithm to tweak New Movies category Feature Request filter. It would save time sorting through all those some days.

Yes, let the math magicians go to work! 72 hours is just an example time frame I randomly thought of. It would just need to be a time frame that is long enough that you don’t necessarily have to look “every” day before the newest items disappear from being “new”, but not so long that the list becomes too long, which is quite honestly the current situation. Regularly scrolling through hundreds of alphabetized movies from a rolling 14 days to try to eyeball what has been inserted “new” is not ideal.

Generally I don’t schedule many (any) movies, but I do check and know what you were dealing with.

Sometimes 3rd party apps “pick up where tablo leaves off”. Now this isn’t what you ask for and it depends how important it is to you…

One of the few app to allow scheduling is APL Tablo - lots of flexibility (virtually sort anything however you want) - including showing an actual schedule!

In the All Airings window (you can rearrange columns and resized), first sort on Type - all the movies are grouped together, second sort on Date/Time. So you can see what movies are showing the next several days… or scroll to the bottom of Movies and the newer ones are likely at the end.

Hint: If you do find a movie you want to record , right click and select Record this airing. When you check in an official tablo app you’ll see it in the scheduled tab.

APL Tablo credit - @LJ_LongWing

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