New AppleTv announced today

I am watching a blog of the Apple event today. It looks like the new AppleTv will have new developer tools and tie in to the app store. That should make it possible for the Tablo to have an app on it.

The remote is interesting since it has a touch surface on the top. I could see that being useful with the Tablo (make it more like the phone apps).

It also ties in with Siri. It would be really cool for Siri to interact with the Tablo app, if that were possible.

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Maybe this will cause them to go Universal on iOS/(apple)TV

Freaking way too expensive

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The price was just shown. $149 for the 32 GB model and $199 for the 64 GB model. It will be available in late October.

Wow. That’s significantly higher than the Roku and FireTv. The NVIDIA Shield is priced like that, though it can do a lot of gaming as well.

Still, this could be a big benefit for Tablo of they can get an app out on it.

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Did they mention if it had an A8 or A9 chip? Current model is only an A5

A8, Also has Bluetooth 4.0, 802.11ac Wi-fi.

That would seem to be far more powerful than anything on the market today, except maybe NVIDIA

Definitely. I imagine that Apple wants the AppleTv to be able to play any game that is iOS compatible. It should be overkill for something like the Tablo, but it won’t hurt.

That’s obviously the type of device they’re trying to compete against thus the gaming demo. It still leaves a lot of market share for Roku/FireTV but definitely allows them to play catch up on the app side.

Our iOS team is already looking like this in anticipation of getting their hands on the developer kit.

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I played a game on my Roku when I first got it, but not since…

I use my PS4 for that :stuck_out_tongue: Are there that many people playing games on these things??

Our iOS team is already looking like this in anticipation of getting their hands on the developer kit.

It’s on the roadmap? :heart_eyes:



Can I call dibs on being one of the first beta testers!!??!!

@ericgus It’s only going to work on the new AppleTV. You’ll have to be a developer to get your hands on a new AppleTV unit before public release.

Well I would assume they wont even have a beta ready once they are out in the public… software takes time, good software even more so.

Here’s the old vs. new:

Hopefully they will be able to develop something faster than the firmware and other apps. I am guessing they are more proficient in iOS than the other platforms. Should be a lot easier to migrate over what they have on the iPad and iPhone apps. I believe I heard Apple say (during the keynote) that apps will be able to be made “universal” for iPad, iPhone and AppleTV. If that is the case, should be able to implement a lot of the code and APIs. Just a guess tho.

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Now I just need to ensure the PLEX team is doing the same thing and I will be a happy camper …

thanks was going to go look for that … I had missed random bits of the keynote … I can’t say I am wholly surprised by this… OTOH the new AppleTV isnt a massive outlay of cash either…