New Apple TV App? (4th Generation)

Wondering if we have an update about an app for the new 4th generation Apple TV? I just got my new apple TV up and running with Plex and its fantastic… hoping to add my Tablo app to my home screen… but when???

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Here here to that and what not. Quite annoying to have to drag out the iPad and can’t even throw it from my iPhone either. An app would be most helpful indeed.

Its in development. Until it launches, you can set up the Tablo channel for Plex.

Even feeding plex the static ip I gave the Tablo unit, I have yet to get the Tablo app to work in plex. I have to sling it from an iPad because the iPhone doesn’t have this option.

There is another thread here called the Apple TV beta testers. There seems to be a new wave of Apple TV 4th gen owners that use Tablo, itching to get the new app (myself included).

Looks like they’ll have more information on the app in the beginning of the new year (I read a tweet of theirs). I’m trying to be patient but also very eager to get the Apple TV set so I don’t have to switch inputs any more.


I am a 3 day old tablo user & a few moments ago discovered using AirPlay with the Apple TV 4 allows me: preview during scroll with the Siri remote and access to CC & other options with the Siri remote. so I’ll be pretty happy while I await the native app.

I AirPlay from my iPhone. While there isn’t an option in the app, if you bring up the control center by swiping up from the bottom of your screen, you should be able to turn AirPlay on.