New App Version Player Failures

Since our Fire TV Stick app was automatically updated to the new version last week, we have been getting many failures in the middle of playing. The only way to fix it appears to be to reboot (unplug and replug in) the Fire TV Stick. Last night, while watching a 3 hour long sporting event, we probably had to reboot the Stick 6 times. We don’t have any problems with any other apps and didn’t have this problem (at least not very often - maybe once a week) on the Tablo app before the upgrade.

@rmcguire - Sorry to hear that :frowning:

Can you let us know what firmware version you’re running on the Tablo and the Fire TV stick as well as what Tablo app version you’re running.

When you say ‘failures in the middle of playing’ is it on live TV or recordings? And what exactly are you seeing when this happens?

Tablo 2.2.6
Fire Stick software version
Tablo app v1.0.23 (last night I uninstalled the app and reinstalled it - this is what is now installed, since we’ve only had the Fire Stick for a few weeks, I assume this is the same version that’s been giving us trouble.

The failure first is a spinning wheel that never stops, often followed by a white box that pops up saying something like “Player Failure.” It’s always with recorded shows, although sometimes it’s of a show that is currently recording.

@rmcguire - Are you seeing any issues on any other apps? Or just this one.

Just this one.

@rmcguire - Very weird. We’ll try to reproduce here but we haven’t heard of/seen this yet.

In the meantime, I would suggest placing a ticket with support. We may need to take a closer look at your Tablo to see what’s happening.