New antenna and channels

Thank you @TabloTV for the FREE antenna (I paid shipping) from your weekly newsletter. I have a question about it, which is why when I rescanned the channels channel 54.1 is 49.3, 54.2 is 49.4, 54.3 is 49.5?

Never seen anything like that before.

Rescanned an hour later and the correct channels appeared. Guess it must have been the sun or some other interference. Thanks again, @TabloTV

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@beastman, yes it pays to read your newsletters :grinning:
Just thought Iā€™d throw in a link for other folks

As i said, awesome for all REAL CHALLEL UHF. If it is REAL VHF, then you could get it but will need to play with location. My zip is 78758 if you want to see my report.

Wy winegard FL5500A gets more channels and is connected to my Tablo.