New Android TV Box - Xiaomi Mi Box at Walmart for only $69

If anyone is looking for a great Tablo box, the brand new Xiaomi Mi Box, announced back at Google I/O in May, is very powerful. It will be one of the best performing Tablo boxes for sure. Availability hasn’t been officially announced yet, but more than a handful of people are reporting that Wal-Mart is selling them for $69 as of today.

This box is basically an upgraded Nexus Player for less money. It plays back 4K HDR content and has a processor good enough for gaming. It comes with a voice search remote and HDMI cable.

Edit: I should mention this is a legitimate Android TV box, not one of those cheap boxes shipped from China full of pirated content which don’t even work with the Tablo app.


Good to know. My NP is holding up nicely, but nice to know of a good backup if things go south.

some pics and stuff…

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Here’s a walkthrough

Lon Seidman review:

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Have you bought one? How’s it working out?

Not yet, I probably won’t until next Tuesday when they are officially released at Walmart.

This box was officially released at Walmart today.

You can pick it up today for only $69, and it comes with 3 free VUDU movies, $5 free VUDU credit, 2 months free Sling TV, and an additional $50 Sling TV free credit.

I will be picking mine up this afternoon, happy to answer any questions.

Please post an update to let us know how it’s working out.

Got one this afternoon at Walmart. I have a NP but wanted to try this new box and it is great. Load, FF and RW is very quick - less than a sec. And the pic seems to be better, but will need to use it more to see. My old NP is very good, but this one is better. The Roku 3 goes to the donation center!!

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I’d like to hear more on this after you’ve put in some screen time. I’ve never been too happy with the video quality on my Nexus Players…just seems a little off compared to my Rokus. The Tablo app on the NP is very good though, in terms of UI response.

Nice. I’m using NP as well but since production has stopped I’m looking for a reliable Tabo friendly back up. Thanks.

Is it really strictly wifi only? No port to hard wire to network?

Correct, completely wireless.

You can use a usb to ethernet adapter however…as many have done with the Nexus Player.

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Thats right - it does have audio out(new), hdmi, power and usb. But my NP has always worked very well wireless and the Mi seems to do the same. The Mi also has a power button on the remote which in nice since it seems to generate more heat than the NP. Also has +/- button for volume control.

I used an apple sub to Ethernet adapter through the full size sub port and it works just fine. I also connected it through a hub with a card reader also plugged in with no problems.

Sorry, USB ( autocorrect)

I’m going to make the NP be backup and use yhe Mi since i get bettet picture.

Wonder why NP was discontinued except Google is getting away from Nexus line.

@TabloTv What about programming Android TV app to use Android Live Channels?

@TabloTV Mi box is awesome. NP is now retired. Might bring traveling instead of FireTV stick.

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