New Android App Doesn't Run on Side Loaded Fire Phone

I recently purchased an Amazon Fire Phone (they went on a fire sale!). I side loaded Google Play so I am able to load their apps as well as those from Amazon App Store. I saw that the Tablo android app was just revised so I went ahead and loaded it from Google Play on the Fire phone. Unfortunately, it does not appear to work. The app loads fine and runs except it can load video. When I select a Live TV or a recorded show, it appears to load, run for a fraction of a second, then go into never ending buffering.

I loaded the latest android app (the one released Aug 6) to my Nexus 7 and Samsung G3 and they run fine - no issue with my Tablo or network hardware. So I deleted the Google app from the Fire Phone and loaded the Tablo app from the Amazon App store (version Lo and behold, it runs fine. So it appears that there may be an issue with Fire OS and the latest version of the android app.

Hopefully Tablo can take a look at this for the millions and millions of Fire Phone users out there.

Have you tried just opening a Chrome browser and going to the site?

The Amazon Fire phone is not supported directly by Tablo, much like many of their tablets.

I forgot about I loaded Chrome and it ran fine.

The Fire Phone Nation thanks you!

BTW… would NOT run under Silk browser. That must be the reason for the app failure.