New and missing channel lineup help


I have had the Tablo Gen4 for a few months now. Overall very happy with it.

The issue I have today is, I rescanned my channels today and I have never seen CBS Chicago show up in my lineup so I was surprised when I saw it today with a maximum signal icon. I was very happy but then I saw I no longer had NBC Chicago in my lineup. I did not save that scan and I tried watching NBC and it came in fine.

I there a way to save a new scan that has CBS but add back in NBC since I seem to still have it?

Thank You


The Chicago area is suffering through some nasty tropospheric ducting, causing a lot of interference. WBBM is shutting down their RF signal today (2/5/24) at 1PM to convert to an ATSC 3.0 lighthouse for several stations. The main 2.1 is now on RF19, shared with WGN.

Thanks Andyross,

So should I wait a few days and try to rescan my channels again?

Would you know if the move by CBS would affect the frequency that NBC uses or it that just due to the atmospheric conditions we have now? I’m hoping NBC comes back or I’ll need to pay for a streaming app since the wife watches a lot of programs on NBC.

With tropo, it’s highly variable. It is going to be nasty until Thursday. It will be best maybe mid afternoon/early evening, then bad overnight/morning.

The changes don’t affect 2.1, but one of their subchannels are moving to WMAQ’s frequency. Another is going on WFLD, and the other 2 on WGBO. The channel numbers will still be the same. Unfortunately, the WFLD and WGBO subs are MPEG4, which Tablo does not support.


Ok, thanks for explaining things to me.

I think I understand. I’ll just wait a little while and see what happens. Hopefully it will just settle back to at least what i had up until today.

I do wish there was a way to add channels into the lineup even if they don’t show during a scan though.

The tropo interference has mostly settled out. You should be able to get most channels now.

22.2 was changed back to MPEG2, so the Tablo can now use it.

48.3 was changed to Catchy Comedy, in 1080i. HD. The Tablo data still lists it as CBS, and even the PSIP data on a TV with antenna still show CBS programming. It may take a few days for all the servers to get updated.