New amazon fire stick with voice

I just got the new amazon fire stick with voice control and installed the tablo app. It is not displaying the text or menus properly. Looks flaky. Cant read anything.

Same exact issue here. Got the new Amazon Fire TV Stick w/ Voice and the Live TV Guide does not display, the side bar menu also does not load properly. Pressing play will cause the station that I happen to be sitting on (no way to tell what I was on though) to play, and this works as expected. The interface is a real problem right now though.

The Fire TV Stick with the Voice Remote is supposed to the same 1st Gen Fire TV Stick. No hardware changes, but according to the link below, it is running a slightly different version of the OS. So that’s likely causing the issue.

The Tablo app works fine here on the 1st Gen Fire TV Stick.

@Rich_Zaleski @brandonc8 - We’re working on a fix for this. Stay tuned.

Awesome! Came here in hopes to see this. Thanks for the great product!

Glad to hear. Exact same problem here, sadly tablo was the main reason why I got the fire stick.