New Amazon Fire Box in Oct 2017

Does anyone know if Tablo will continue to work on the new Amazon Fire Box coming out in Oct 2017?

Here are the details:

No reason why it shouldn’t!

We’re pre-ordering one but won’t get it any faster than the Average Joe. We’ll of course add it to the list of compatible apps and devices once we’ve 100% confirmed everything is behaving as it should.

The new Fire OS 6 will be coming to the new Fire TV that will be
released in October. The new Fire OS 6 is based off of the Android 7.1.2
Nougat operating system.

According to AFTVnews the new Fire OS 6 will allow Picture in Picture
allowing videos to keep streaming even as you browse the menu. The Fire
OS 6 will also allow the ability to pause rewind live streams. Lastly,
you will also be able to record video likely for the over the air TV on
the Fire TV and maybe even for live streams. Details are still thing and
you can learn more over at

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I wonder how this OS change will affect Tablo. I just pre-ordered 3 boxes with the assumption that Tablo will work. Maybe Tablo will have issues.

If things don’t work out with the tablo app and since the device doesn’t appear to support SD/USB/ethernet port, you can always use them as unique beverage coasters.