New 9-4 signal in Denver

Our NBC affiliate has added a new signal in Denver 9-4 that carries the same content as 9-1.  I’m only able to receive the 9-4 signal at my house, but I’m not getting the guide data for that new channel yet (despite forcing several updates).

Is there a way to tell Tablo that 9-4 and 9-1 should have the same guide data?  How do we request guide data for new signals like this?


Just send a ticket into Tablo support, and they will notify their guide data provider.  

@Jason PM me your MAC address and we’ll get the data added for you!

The Denver NBC affiliate also added The Justice Network at channel 9-3 which currently shows no programming in the Tablo guide. I’ll send TabloSupport my individual MAC address, but shouldn’t this be something to be propagated across all users in the Denver metro area?

@DHC Got your PM - this will be added ASAP.