New 4th gen Table

Several months ago I bought from Tablo a 4th Gen. Quad Tablo. What I received is a 4th Gen. Dual Tablo (with the promise to upgrade it to the Quad. that I paid for). So far that Quad. Tablo has not been forthcoming even though Tablo is now offering 4th Gen Quad. Tablos for sale.

What is going on? Has anyone received their 4th Gen. Quad Tablo that we were all promised?

Can you go into more details of what you are missing?

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Yes, I am missing two duners in my Quad. Tablo It currently has only two tuners and not the four that I bought.

Did you have a ticket opened through Tablo regarding this matter?

How did you originally contact them regarding this matter?

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Can you give us more deets on HOW you figured out 2 tuners are missing/messed up?

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It sounds like @iamchemist ordered a 4th gen 4-tuner, but someone sent them a 2-tuner instead. It would be nice if we knew if it came straight from Tablo or Best Buy and what steps were taken to try to resolve this when it arrived.

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@iamchemist It seems like there’s a bit of confusion.

We do see that you ordered and received a 4th generation 2-tuner Tablo in September of last year.

The 4-tuner wasn’t announced until November and we didn’t start taking orders for that product on our website until February of this year.

Someone from support will be reaching out to you shortly to clear up any questions you might have.


I just gone mine today. I just happened to look for it when it dropped. Just got it set up and joined here. I’ve been using a quad 3rd Gen Tablo, but wanted to get away from paying for the plan because they took away our ability to skip ads.

So far so good. Looking forward to getting the AppleTV app soon. (Applied for beta). :slight_smile:

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