New 4k Fire TV stick's video studders

I’m having a problem with the new 4k Fire TV stick’s video shuddering and sometimes freezing while watching live TV on the Tablo preview app. The audio continues while the video stops. Fire TV stick firmware is and the Tablo preview app is 2.2.24 version 1.6.10.

Sorry, I meant to say stuttering. The video stops and starts and repeats this until the video finally freezes. The audio continues without stopping.

Is this specific to a certain recording, or perhaps recordings from a certain channel? If you play the same recording on another Tablo app, do you have issues there as well?

The problem occurs while watching live tv. Signal strength on all stations is 5 green dots with no pixelation. I can watch Philo, Hulu, Stars, Prime and all other apps with no problem. I deleted a couple apps that I wasn’t using after deleting their cache and data. Turned off Gamecircle. Deleted both Tablo apps and redownloaded them. Then rebooted the Firestick. Everything was working great on other apps and then switched to Tablo to watch a local broadcast and during a commercial the video started to stop and start until the video lagged the audio by about 30 seconds. Useing the 4k Fire TV stick with Fire OS 4 tuner Tablo software ver. 1.6 and firmware 2.2.24 (1831716). WiFi on 5G with very good signal strength.

Can you try using the Tablo Preview app? You can download this in the app store on your Fire TV. It uses a different player, and it may not have the same issues.

I WAS using the Tablo preview app. This is not a constant problem and so far can’t determine what causes it to happen. I may have to revert back to using my 4k apple tv. I just don’t care for the remote.

Having the same stuttering issue with Preview on MiBox. The regular TabloTv app hands the same channel without issue. We also went through the suggested remedies (downgrading recording and streaming quality). Like Mquinlivan notes this is an issue while watching live tv.

Can you send our support team a ticket? We can take a look from our end and see if we can get to the bottom of this.