New 4-Tuner - Guide Data Completely Wrong, But Has Now Fixed Itself

Received an RMA replacement 4-Tuner that I setup today. Had a ton of problems getting it to “see” Tablo Connect (kept reporting Public Port as “0”)
Multiple factory resets later, got Tablo Connect to work (and yes, I have a reserved IP on my LAN for it).
BUT - The Live TV wouldn’t work at all - it wouldn’t tune any station. This is replacing, in the same site, with the same physical connections, what was a fully functioning Tablo (unitl I had a problem with the RF connector), so the same antenna, same coax, same ethernet, same everything.

I rescanned the channels 3 times, and now can tune stations, but the station that Tablo tuned to wasn’t the station selected.
For example, I select PBS from the guide, and get MeTV playing.
Rescanned the stations again, same result.
Rescan the stations another time, and lo and behold, I select PBS, and get PBS, EXCEPT, now the guide data for PBS shows TMZ, Hot in Cleveland, etc (I don’t know what station that is, but it isn’t PBS)
So I either get the incorrect station tuned, or the correct station tuned, but the wrong guide data.
@TabloTV @TabloSupport and community members - Any suggestions?

UPDATE: And with no further user intervention, the guide has fixed itself. I’ll just leave it at that, and be happy it’s now working!

Well that’s a little odd but glad things resolved themselves.

I’ll forward this to the team to see if they have any ideas on why you experienced the wonkyness.