New 3rd Party Android App: ota2GO


@kevlp3000 and @Nilex - On my train ride to work this morning, I took the programmatic equivalent of a flamethrower :boom: to that bug!! If it survives in version 0.7, it’s the strongest bug known to man and we should fear for our lives :smiley: Then there’s only one choice - :bomb:

Also, great point to have clicking on the in-progress notification open the app. I have one on there when the download completes, and it goes to the downloads view if clicked. I’ll add one to the other notification states to at least open the app, and ideally have it surf inside the app to the recording in question if I can.

Quick q: another person suggested an audible on download complete or fail. Would you gentlemen find that a useful option, or an intrusion? I could always make it configurable. I personally prefer my apps to be very light on the unsolicited bleeps and bloops.



Personally I wouldn’t find it useful because I tend to side with you on audio notifications but if it’s easy enough to include, options to personalize are nice, but I’d vote to have it defaulted to off if you go that route.


I’m good either way on an audible notification. My phone beeps and dings for so many various things I don’t pay much attention. I use to go in and disable notifications but after I got my smartwatch I just set which apps I want to truly alert me on it with a buzz on the wrist.

My preference, or lack thereof aside, an audible alert that can be toggled on/off in the settings would fall in the nice feature/option to have category.


Good evening!

FYI, version 0.7 is now live. I think this is the final internal test version as I believe we’ve wrapped up the most problematic bits and implemented a few useful features! This one includes that blasted A-Z doubling thing, improved notification clicking, audible notifications, timing of downloads, color (or colour for us Canadians!) on downloading links, fast downloading percentage updates, and some stability and network blip resiliency changes.

Thanks again for testing - happy to receive any additional feedback or reports of trouble!


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Installed this morning. May just be me but I could swear the notification sounds aren’t playing correctly. When I toggled them on in Settings I could hear them but I did 2 test downloads using Space Saver at Okay quality and 720p Resolution (not that those settings should make a difference but just giving scenario specifics) and didn’t hear the notification sound either time.

Confirmed the notification linking works well when a download is in progress. Takes me immediately to the show that is downloading.

I did encounter one display issue with a ‘null’ displaying in several places. Will PM you screenshots.


Thx again for the very detailed help - v0.8 going out the door :slight_smile:


I’m testing on a Samsung Chromebook Plus, seems to work fine although I always have to enter the IP address to find the Tablo.

Also, it seems to show less than all my recordings unless I restart a few times, then more recordings are added.

One more thing, I can’t find where on my Chromebook the files are actually stored, what is the file naming convention and where is the default location?


Hi - thx for testing!

The app uses a UDP broadcast to find Tablos, and waits only a short time for a reply. It could be that the response is coming later. Has it ever found your tablo if u repeatedly scan? If not, perhaps UDP broadcast are blocked in your router? I think I will extend the search time slightly in order to improve the odds.

How many recordings (not episodes) do you have? It sounds a little like network latency is the issue, though maybe you find that everything else works perfectly.

I’m not familiar with Chromebooks, but if you go to settings you should see the download location listed. The first part is the volume name, followed by the path to the apps storage. On my phone I can surf there through my explorer, so hopefully you can too. Just FYI, it uses this directory because it requires less intrusive permissions, and it is intended to just work for folks who are less technical - without leaving files behind if they uninstall.

Hope that helps!


Thanks for the quick response.

My Tablo is hard wired, not wireless so that may have something to do with it. No matter how many times I scan, it is never found. When I enter the IP address it finds the Tablo right away.

As far as recordings I probably have hundreds stored in 50 to 100 program headings (show names).

After I wrote you I found in settings where the saved files location but haven’t figured out how to navigate there, or how to change the default location.

This seems to work pretty well on the Samsung Chromebook Plus running Chrome OS. I tried it on smaller Asus Chromebooks but I don’t think they are powerful enough.

I think this would be a great product on the right machine (Chromebook) and would like to continue testing for this use case.


Hi again! With huge thanks to the folks who volunteered to test, this initial test phase is all done, and version 1.0 should hit the Play store shortly. What a great community to help get the rough edges smoothed out - thanks again!!

I’ll send out a free app code to each of the folks who pitched in to the test - if I accidentally miss you, please just flip me a note and let me know.


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Is this no longer in the Google Play store?


Hi - our friends at Google zapped me for lack of an appropriate privacy policy, sheeeesh :slight_smile:

I need to develop one, publish it, and update the app to link it internally too before reseeking approval.

I’m afraid it will be a few days. Sorry for the trouble!

And thanks for inquiring :smiley:


Ah, sorry to hear that. You just need something very basic on a web page to link to. Good luck.


Okay, we should be back in business and back available online… Please let me know if you continue to find any issues! Cheers!


Thanks. Just purchased on my Android Tablet - how do I activate on my Android phone too? Same GP account on both devices. The app doesn’t seem to be detecting my purchase on the phone.

Edit: and when I try to buy again its say I already own it. :slight_smile:


I believe Google Play caches purcahses. It may take some time to appear on your phone, but should. Short of the ever popular “reboot” advice, or even reinstall, I think time will save the day. Plz let me know if it isn’t working soon.

And thx for upgrading :slight_smile:



This is fantastic. Great piece of software, outstanding work. Installed app, downloaded a show, played it and purchased upgrade. Interface is clean, simple, easy to navigate and understand. Great work on this, great contribution to the Tablo universe.


Very kind words, thank-u! Cheers!


Good afternoon! Just a quick update for any who may have followed this thread before: ota2GO in the Play Store is now up to version 1.5 which has some stability fixes, and in addition to the original download functionality, it now also supports external players – this is important if your phone doesn’t natively support 5.1 but your recordings are in 5.1, as you can use something like VLC and still watch (and more imporantly, hear) them.

The ability to watch recordings is permanent and free in the app - the only upgrade cost is if you wish to use the full download functionality. Hopefully both parts are of some use!


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