New 2019 Roku Ultra and Tablo: audio level is like normal, man!

Just got a new 2019 model Roku Ultra, and I noticed that the audio volume from the Tablo had gone up. Assuming that Tablo finally fixed their long-time problem with having lower audio level than everything else that I stream, I looked at the firmware version on the Tablo. Hmmm…that hadn’t changed. Finally figured out that the Roku “volume leveling” brings the Tablo up to the audio level of everything else. Apparently came with a recent update of Roku, just hadn’t noticed that. Good job, Roku.

So another Tablo problem solved by someone else. Fine by me, now I don’t have to turn up the TV volume to use the Tablo and turn it down before using any other app on the Roku.

The Roku volume levelling feature only works with the Tablo if you have surround sound off. That is you have the Tablo transcode the AC3 audio to 2.0 AAC audio.

Found another solution to this. Our Samsung TV’s, as it turns out, have “Auto Volume”. Turning this on also boosts the Tablo audio to the volume level of other internet streaming TV apps. Which is a good thing, since lately I’ve been finding that the volume on our NVIDIA Shields has needed to go as high as 32, when the normal app volume is 16 - 18. Glad to have found another fix for this Tablo defect.

By the way, the HDhomerun doesn’t have the low audio problem…if Tablo cares to compete.