Never see fast-forward thumbnails

I have a Tablo Dual Light viewing from Apple TV 4K. I have never seen a Thumbnail. Recordings work fine. No tuners working. There is not a black box or anything above the playback line. These recordings are all older than 24 hours old. Some recordings are from the guide, and some are from timed recordings. I have reset the Tablo using the blue button and I have power cycled it. Never see any sign of a thumbnail. Sounds like a great feature, would really like to get this working. I feel like it’s a feature that is disabled rather than broken on mine.


I have a Tablo 4 tuner and two roku 3’s. Same problem…

Out of curiosity, have you tried it on a PC (app or browser) or phone? Just seeing if this is an AppleTv issue or device independent.

I had not. I just tried from a Chrome Browser and the thumbnails work great on every recording I have tried. I have never seen them until now. Are thumbnails not supported on Apply TV (and maybe Roku based on Dave’s comment above) ?

There was at time where I believe thumbnail generation in Roku’s format was being done. Pretty sure. Maybe it’s still being done, it just doesn’t work anymore there.

I can’t find it in FAQs or anywhere, but is there a supported platform or feature list by platform matrix to be found somewhere

I don’t remember ever reading about certain platforms not supporting the thumbnails, but I’ve only used Roku devices since the beginning. No problem with thumbnails here (currently using an Ultra - but have used a 2XS, 3, etc. along the way).

Are you on the current Tablo firmware?

I am the newest firmware on the Tablo Dual Lite

I believe you only see the thumbnails if you put the viewing on pause.

Does not show up at all. Not when paused. Works fine in a browser playing the same content.

I have 3 different Roku models on 3 different TV’s and I always get thumbnails about an hour after the recording stops. and then I get CS a little after that.

Does anyone have working thumbnails within the Tablo app on an Apple TV?