Netwrok issues with Tablo

Hi all.
We just bought a Tablo 4-Tuner. It seems only works on Wi-Fi.
Here are the more details. On the Tablo iPhone App, if you go to settings, about, you will find your Tablo device info. it has server host IP X.X.1.182 with MAC Address: XX:XX:XX:XX:9A:41
but in my Wi-Fi network, I can find the same IP: X.X.1.182 has Mac Address: YY:YY:YY:YY:af:a9. The vendor is Sparklan.
I can ping X.X.1.182 no problem. I can play live TV from my Amazon fire stick.
if I block the MAC Address YY:YY:YY:YY:af:a9, the Tablo will be offline. My question is what is the MAC XX:XX:XX:XX:9A:41. I cannot find this MAC on my switch or Wi-Fi network.
I am trying to connect my Tablo via NIC not Wi-Fi. But in my case, it seems like the Wi-Fi is always connected. The Ethernet never able to get an IP.

PS my Tablo is on the newest firmware version 2.2.24.

MAC address in the Settings page is the Ethernet port MAC address. It should match the MAC address on the bottom of the Tablo.

WiFi MAC address is different.

Plug in the Ethernet cable to the Tablo and make sure the lights on the back of the port turn on. Then reboot (aka power cycle) your Tablo.

Connecting a network cable from the Tablo to one of the router’s LAN ports, and then rebooting the Tablo should be the only things required to switch from using wireless to wired network.

What’s the make and model of the router connecting to the Tablo?

Things to try:

  1. Disconnect the network cable from the Tablo, and reconnect it to make sure it’s inserted properly.
  2. Disconnect the network cable from the router, and reconnect it to make sure it’s inserted properly.
  3. Use a different network cable.
  4. Use a different LAN port on the router.
  5. Make sure the router LAN port is not forcing a connection rate higher than the Tablo can deal with, like 1Gbps.

Isn’t the 48 bit MAC address on both the tablo packaging and the unit.

Isn’t the first 24 bits of the MAC address the vendor ID. Is the Nuvyyo vendor ID 5087B8.

Additionally most routers can display a list of connected devices. One of the optional device fields that a tablo fills in is the device name. And the device name usually shows up as tablo.


yes, this 9A:41 MAC Address matches the MAC Address on the box and the MAC Address on the bottom of the Tablo.

Thanks, all. I blocked the AF:A9 MAC address on my Wi-Fi network. Then I found Tablo works via Ethernet on one of my switch. it doesn’t work on the other switch. I need do more trouble shooting on this switch. :laughing::laughing:

And since Nuvyyo has only been assigned one vendor id, the last 24 bits is the hexadecimal unit number assigned in ascending sequence.

So if you want to be a somewhat of a bit head you can usually determine what MAC address belongs to what device.

I bet the network switch port is having trouble autonegotiating the rate, and or duplex type.
Try forcing the rate to 100Mbps, and the duplex type to full.

Didn’t the industry put LEDs on the ethernet ports years ago? It should be pretty easy to determine if both ports have a link and what speed was negotiated.

Thanks, it is working now. I forced the port to 100MB and duplex to full. The Tablo is working now.

Never be able to figure it out, if the network switch wasn’t a smart one. :wink:
Network port autonegotiation usually works, so consider the possibility that there might be something wrong with the network cable, as well.

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Or maybe it’s a managed switch and the port was not auto negotiate but set to gigabyte. It would be interesting to know what the LEDs had as the link status and speed.

Didn’t they say:
“The vendor is Sparklan”