Networking specifications

I have to say I’m pretty disappointed to find the 4th Generation Tablo has 100 Mbps Ethernet and only 802.11n WIFI. I have a WIFI 7 Router with 10GBe network. Luckily, the WIFI is so much faster and the Tablo does handle 5GHz WIFI, so in fact WIFI is a better choice for me than Ethernet in any case.

The very least Ethernet should have been 1 gigabit, no? Please consider this for future hardware updates.

On the plus side of things, having Passkeys in the Two-Factor Authentication for our accounts is really a great choice! Thanks for that.

If you can can have 6 concurrent recording playing does the amount of data ever surpass 100 Mbps.

I think you are overthinking this… When I’m running the Tablo on my enterprise network within my home. It’s running at 12mbps… That from the Tablo device across my network and out of my WiFi 7 Access Point, to my Roku TV. I have 2 enterprise APs in my home. I can have 2 devices streaming recorded shows at the same time… at 25mbps. It’s a drop in the bucket compared to WiFi 7 speeds and 10G network running in the back, which I have too.


12 mbps should be 1080i recordings. 480i would be much less. And if the internal flash is used mpeg2 is converted to h.264. And FAST channels are h.264.

I wasn’t worried about whether WIFI 7 or earlier wasn’t fast enough. They certainly are. But with a four-tuner Gen 4 Tablo, I would have thought 1080i videos would possibly have some congestion. I guess until we get 4K TV I am overthinking it. Thanks for helping me understand what the issue is better.

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ATSC 3.0 is h.265. And you may have a few years before there are really any actual 4K OTA. ATSC 3.0 light house stations don’t have the bandwidth since they are sharing the RF with other stations.