Network names not correct

In Austin, TX where 18.4 is PBSKids in the Edit Channel Lineup or when dcanning it only shows as PBS on the Live guude and Active Channels screen.

Similar problem on 20.2 except it shows TUFFTV when scanning and edit channel lineup and ASNET on the Live TV Guude.

I assume the stations have something configured wrong and Tablo displays something different in the two dufferent locations. On the Tv utself, not using Tablo it says PBSKids and TUFFTV .
I tried entering my zipcode again to force new channel scan, but it came up the same.

Is your problem perhaps similar to this one?

In that thread, we’re promised an (eventual fix).

I have beta for Firmware and all devices I have to watch Tablo on, so that means at least currently it isn’t fixed. In the Beta Forum they said nothing with guide was changed in the beta.

Can you give them a ring to let them know it is still buggered, mate.

I’ve been TRYING FOR TWO MONTHS to get them to get their guide provider to get 19.5 data correct. I think @tabloceo made a very serious error on the guide provider. If they went with low cost, they are getting what they paid for. I thought maybe by posting the problem where everyone can see it would speed it up, but it hasn’t helpped. On Thursday David said they were fixing the problem but give it the weekend. Almost 1:00 am Monday and STILL BROKE. On more than one Tablo. I even just reentered the zip code and rescanned. TitanTV is so much better and works with some dvr, so WHY WEREN’T THEY USED? Instead of a fly by night company? @TabloSupport has been working with what choices they have. See Your Assistance Please for description and pictures.

@beastman I totally get your frustration on this one, but there are a few things at play:

  • We’ve been in touch with the broadcaster supplying the data directly; they are insisting the data is correct for 19.5. Despite this, we’re still working on this for you to try and iron things out.

  • We’re now at the point where we’re asking them to make an exception based on the data you’ve provided. This does take time; we’re essentially having an entire lineup shifted just for you.

  • TitanTV is for non-commercial use only, but we appreciate your feedback nevertheless.

  • For future guide data reports, please make sure you contact our team directly. Things can get lost in the forum. With a ticket, we can keep track of your case number and make sure nothing slips through the cracks.

Hopefully by Christmas. I did reply to the last email stating still the same.

You keep saying that, and I realize we do not have insight into Nuvyyo’s business, yet:it may be possible to use/license TitanTV’s guide data. Of course, as I said, there may be any number of unrelated issues preventing that, but it’s not strictly the Non-commercial nature of TitanTV’s data.

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Maybe the Titantv has guide information for you, but it doesn’t have any data for me. So hard to say if it would be any better, mate.

YOU can create stations yourself on TitanTV. That is how I added TUFF TV and LIGHT TV. I also created fake stations for some apps that broadcast live such as BYU TV and Catholic TV.