Network error fail to load

iOS and Sony android both won’t load to Tablo 4th generation. Sony starts with like its new oob and needs registered but then pops up the regular home page. Tv loads dvr but not guide or home page. Soft rebooted and still same thing. All other WiFi and hardwired devices working fine. Tablo and Sony both on Ethernet. Anyone else having issues Sunday 10/8

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Same issue here on ios

Reddit thread about 6 people having same issues. Something popped out somewhere on their server end.

I had issues too. I was just about to do a factory reset, but things came back around 3:25PM PDT. I didn’t realize so much of the functionality was tied to their servers. I couldn’t log into my account, it wouldn’t find my Tablo box on my network or anything. It seems that Tablo servers were down perhaps. Wow.

Problems are back at 3:54PM PDT. It’s basically unusable today. This does not bode well for their future.

maybe you will not get access to a gen 4 unit until it phones home to verify FAST channels and upload statistics. Of course I don’t think they have thought about what should happen if a user doesn’t select any FAST channels.

I have access to fast channels now. They’ve been in my guide for several days, but you can’t access anything at all when the guide won’t load “unable to load live TV”.

If you are also a legacy user it seems apparent that maybe the way the gen 4 handles the guide is different. and maybe the blocking of usage is a bug or a planned enhancement.

Same issue again tonight on iOS devices… slow or won’t load channel at all

Hi folks -

Our servers experienced a brief outage Sunday evening that may have caused some connectivity issues on Tablo 4th Gen units and their applications. This may have manifested as a connection error, or the Tablo apps may have erroneously tried to guide you through the Tablo setup process as a result of this error.

This issue has since been resolved and you should be able to connect to your Tablo now. We are actively investigating the source of the outage to prevent this from happening in the future.

If you are still experiencing any lingering connectivity issues, try force-closing the Tablo app you’re using and rebooting your Tablo by tapping its reset button on the bottom of the unit. Wait for 1-2 minutes for it to come online (its blue LED will stop flashing once it’s online) and then you should be able to connect again.

If you have any further issues, don’t hesitate to touch base with support: