Network Denon Receiver Connect

I just received and am using a Tablo Quad 4-Tuner DVR. Does anyone know how to get sound coming through this receiver? Thanks in advance for any advice. Best regards, Dan

The audio output from either the player device, like a Roku, or the TV needs to connect to the audio input of your receiver.
For example, I had a digital audio cable connected to my TV’s digital audio output port, and the other end into my surround sound receiver’s digital audio input port.

Really depends on your player device, cuz some have audio output ports, and your TV, cuz some also have audio output ports.
The type of audio output, and input ports matters, as well.
If your only audio output ports options are on your TV, and they’re stereo pair RCA ports, then you won’t get surround sound thru your receiver, cuz it’s not being outputted from the TV.

Coaxial audio cable or optical audio cable?

Optical, specifically this one:

The other option is if the TV and Denon support ARC (Audio Return Channel) over the HDMI cable to the TV.

Thanks. I probably should have described how I have it setup thus far. The Tablo is connected directly to the antenna and is on my home network. I have a fire tv device connected to the LG Webos SmartTV and not sure how Tablo interfaces and working to figure it out. The Denon receiver with surround sound speakers can be connected to the home network. Not sure if that would help.

You should connect the FireTV to the receiver, then the receiver to the TV.

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The Tablo app on the Fire TV device streams from the Tablo over your home network.

You can connect the Fire TV device to the HDMI input on the Denon AVR, then run an HDMI cable from the Denon AVR to your LG TV.

Thanks so much; will give it a shot.

Thanks so much! This worked perfectly and sound now comes from my Tablo OTA, Fire and IPTV apps through the Denon sound system. Thanks to all who responded. Woohoo!

An issue popped up this morning and haven’t been able to resolve. My Fire TV and Tablo were working fine. Now I am unable using the Fire TV app and a couple of things occur:

  1. “An unknown error” occurs when I try to run the app using Fire TV. Try again or cancel pops up. Try again doesn’t do anything. Cancel = Searching for Tablo.
  2. Tablo on the TV monitor shows Connect or Scan Again. I select Connect and Try Again or Cancel displays same as above.
  3. I have reset Tablo and Fire TV multiple times; reset my router.
  4. I can get to Tablo with my iPhone and LG TV app and TV remote.
  5. Any ideas out there? Be nice now…

Try to go to app settings and “clear data” , and “clear cache”, then reboot Fire TV. If that doesn’t work, Try uninstalling the app, rebooting fire TV, reinstall.

Thanks for the advice; I downloaded the app again and it now works. Hopefully these quirks don’t discourage me.