Network Adapter speed

What is the speed of the on board network adapter? I had assumed it was gigabit, but I’m only seeing 100Mb.

Here are both of mine running off of Wifi

The Tablo has a 10/100 network card inside.

So, ethernet slower than wifi … Hmmmm

Well a reported ‘300 Mb/s’ WiFi connection is not it’s actual throughput speed. The actual speed is likely much less, either way it is more than enough for the Tablo streaming.

The 100 Mbps Ethernet port is fast enough to stream to up to 6 devices.

300mbps means it “can” go that fast… If it is 10/100 card, it “can” only go as fast as 100mbps so in theory wifi is better :stuck_out_tongue:

Let me add depending on your network, the computer/roku you are accessing from etc…