Netgear Orbi WiFi System

I picked up a Netgear Orbi system at Costco tonight:

Costco has a special 3-pack with router & two satellite units for $500. Yes, that is steep… but, they have a very good return policy (90 days) so I decided to try it. So far I am very impressed! My plan B was running ethernet and PoE APs - this is a lot less work.

The router is in first floor office, the 2nd unit I put in the basement - I’ve never had a usable Wi-Fi signal in the basement and now I do! I was able to hookup a Roku 3 for Tablo in the basement now. The third unit I put on 2nd floor of house. Where I had a 25Mbps upstairs on my iPhone 6S+ I now have over 300Mbps! I pay for 300/30 service with Cox and was able to get speeds of 320/31.5 (must be over provisioned a tad). Same Wi-Fi speeds as with my wired connection - couldn’t say that with my old Asus RT-66U.

My Tablo and Apple TV are both wired into router. The Apple TV is where I used my tablo the most. But now watching videos on my iPhone, iPad, or basement Roku are substantially more responsive. Jumping around in a video (FF/RW) are instantaneous. I had always wanted to run ethernet to each floor of house so I could have three power-over-ethernet access points, but this saves me the hassle.


Were you able to connect to Remote Viewing with your Tablo?

Port forwarding is confusing.

I didn’t have to setup any port forwarding.

I just checked the “Remote Access” checkbox in the Tablo settings (via browser on computer) and it just worked via UPnP (I presume) with my Orbi!