Netflix code for TMobile customers

Getting my FREE Netflix for a year didn’t take as long as I thought. I received it today, and applied it. It said “Your $119.88 credit will be applied to your next bill.”

Is that part of Binge On? Haven’t seen it… or maybe it comes with a new phone purchase?

Just did a search on the T Mobile site… looks like it comes with a Samsung phone purchase. I bought mine directly from Samsung. At the time, it was too good a deal to pass up. Got the Galaxy S6 plus a free wireless charging pad for $499.

Hated to spend almost as much for a phone as my living room TV.

Netflix is part of Binge On, but the free year was buying S7 or S7 Edge during certain period. Also got free Gear VR and 6 games.

The Gear VR is a nice little bonus… been looking at buying that by itself. Only about $100.