Needing occasional hard reboots (unplugging device)

I upgraded to bigger hard drive a few weeks ago (Seagate Expansion 5TB Desktop External Hard Drive USB 3.0 (STEB5000100)). To upgrade it I used this post How to migrate to a bigger drive?. After a 30 hour transfer for about a terabyte I was up and running, not including hours upon hours of computer problems. It worked for probably around 7-10 days then froze up (did not record anything) for a few days while I was on vacation. I contacted customer support, re put in my location and with in a few days It froze again. I contacted support again and they logged into my unit and said they tweaked some things, unit ran great for about 8 days and needed a hard reboot again. Still working with customer support and they have been helpful/friendly.

I have no idea how much I was rebooting either with the button or through hard resets but I was having to often with the old hard drive, although I’m not sure how many times it was actually the tablo’s fault then, was working though network issues.

Any advice, tired of my wife telling me the tablo isn’t connecting.