Need to borrow a tablo

I’m building an app, I have a Tablo and it’s working fine, but I have a problem, I only have 1, and I don’t want to buy a second one to do my testing of how the app handles multiple Tablos on the same network. I know this is a bit of an odd request, but here it goes. Does anyone have an extra Tablo laying around that I could use for app development…we could of course discuss how long I could borrow it and such, and I’m not looking to keep it, just need the extra one for use in-house. Thoughts?

Apparently, yes.

this doesn’t seem to be a reply to my post :slight_smile:

Weeeelllll, it does, but not in the spirit you asked.
“Looks like somebody is having a bit of fun with you”

ah…missed the whole ‘collecting dust’ as an answer to if anyone has any extras :slight_smile:

Wasn’t meant as a joke, reallly.
The other user sounded like he wasn’t using his, so…

Not really interested in loaning it, but I do still have my old 4-tuner. I’d be willing to make you a good deal on it if you decide you just want to buy a used Tablo.

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Hi LJ That 2-tuner TabloTV I loaned to you last July. I am not planning on adding commercial skip to its subscription so can you disable that option on it for me? I am not sure what would happen if it tries to do a commercial skip with out the Premium add on. Hopefully just gracefully not allow the commercial skip to happen.


I actually need to get that back to you :)…About a week after I borrowed it I bought a 4 tuner from another user and have been meaning to get it back to you…it’s sitting in a bag on my bookshelf…hasn’t been used since I got the other one

OK let me know. I can meet you same place as before.

Is it the place over by the thing where the guy works? :wink:

No, it’s in front of the place over there with the big parking lot

Oh, that place near those people who did that thing at that time? I know it well…

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