Need help with IP and submask


I have a device that has an ip address hard coded to My ip is and subnet is I changed my subnet to to allow me to acess this device. After I reboot everything, I can still connect to my tablo box, but when I try and play a live stream or recording. It pauses alot and the vidoe play very slow. If I switch back to the subnet it is fine. No pauses and the video plays fine.

How can I fix this issue?

If the device at is a Tablo then check your routers DHCP setup. If your lan is in subnet then the dhcp server needs to be configured to only give addresses in the address range

Unless is some sort of tablo default address in which case again its your dhcp server not giving an address

More deatils is the tablo wired or wireless, what type of router. You can try a router power cycle just in case the dhcpd daemon died.

No, the device with the ip of is not a tablo device, It is a file server… My tablo is Tablo is wireless connected. It works just fine if my submet is If I change it that is when the issues with my tablo box.

Then change the address of the file server to be in the range of to with a 24 bit mask. Find a forum that supports the file server software if you do not know how to do this.

Most home networks do not use multiple subnets. If you do want multiple subnets for some reason then you need to set up routing between those subnets. In any case all of this is out of scope for a tablotv forum.

hard coded find someone to change a device that’s hard coded…
why tablo has issues with a subnet mask is pointless?? or irrelevant? or ?

maybe but reading through some of the post from tablo’s users… there are more than you would expect. most does not equate does not work.

I see no reason to configure some nodes for which is a host address range of through, do you really need 65K hosts in a home network? . While also having some hosts with the subnet of Pick one or the other.

Now two subnets and with a router would work.

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