Need help...serious problem after power outage...restart every few minutes

I have a very serious Tablo problem happening right now. The Tablo is constantly restarting. It only stays online for a few minutes then restarts again.

This morning we had a storm and a brief power outage. I’ve restarted all my devices but the Tablo is having serious trouble.

In the past, I learned restarts can be caused by weak broadcast signals. I ran through my channels outside of the Tablo and found that there were some channels with weak signals. My plan was to remove them from my Tablo, but that hasn’t been easy.

Because the Tablo only stays online for a few minutes before restarting, I can’t do a successful channel scan. I was able to successfully edit the active channels to only a single channel (2.1) but even after that the Tablo keeps constantly restarting. When it is online it seems to work properly. I can stream live TV and start watching a recording. But every couple minutes it keeps restarting.

At this point the Tablo is essentially useless; it won’t stay long enough to do anything. Any suggestions?

Will the Tablo stay up if the antenna feed is disconnected?

Check the power supply too, make sure it’s outputting the correct voltage.

Also try temporarily unplugging the hd, see if the unit stays up. If it does stay up then try (temporarily) another hd - maybe original hd is drawing too much power or power supply is weak.

Thank you very much for the reply

I dont have the tools to check the voltage of the power supply, so i cant do that

I tried the antenna but not the HD. That seemed to do it. When i disconnected the HD the Tablo stopped constantly restarting.

I dont have a new drive to try. I did try the other USB connection and the same thing started happening. So im not sure what to do now…drive problem or tablo problem

I have more information about this. 1st, I removed my drive and e2fsck found and repaired errors in the filesystem. Unfortunately, when I plugged it back into the Tablo, it started to reboot itself every few minutes again.

I did actually have another external drive. Different than the one i’m currently using, this drive has its own power supply vs. power being pulled by the USB cord. I plugged this in, Tablo formatted it, and so far the Tablo been running without the constant restarts. So, I appears power supply might be a source of the problem.

You can get a replacement power supply from Tablo for $10. Might be worth trying, if it didn’t work you’d have a backup!

Well the other external drive I have did use a power supply the same as the Tablo. I tried that, no luck. Tried even plugging it into different outlet, still no luck.

A note about weak signals causing reboots - the channle has to be “in use” for it to be an issue. That is you either have to be watching live TV or recording… have a tuner tuned to a weak signal channel for it to be an issue.

But it appears you’ve moved passed this. I’ve had past issues where a drive caused reboots. If if stays running without, that may be something to consider. Oddly, these power supplies seem to go bad more often than any other power supply.

I do not believe you are correct when you say the channel has to be “in use”. in previous “reboot” issues I’ve had, Tablo support investigated and said reported that channel XX was having signal problems. I wasn’t using that channel at the time, but, it still forced the Tablo to reboot. This doesn’t seem right, but it does appear that’s how it works.

They didn’t say it was reporting signal problems right now. It most likely reported as why an episode recording failed.

How would it know it’s weak, if it’s not tuned to it? It was weak before, so let’s reboot now - that’s asinine.
It’s not like it’s constantly scanning channels checking for? signal strength? then it’s likely more people would have an occasional weak signal hit. and random reboots when a plane flies over at least once… randomly.