Need guide data added please

I changed my antenna and wtih a DB8e amd I am getting some outrageous ranges on channels. My zipcode is 21113, can you please add the following channels to my guide.

21.1 (WHP-TV)

43.1 (WPMT)

49.4 (WWTD-LD)

62.4 (WFPT)

67-4 (WMPB-DT)

This antenna is fantastic and I am waiting for my second one to come in. Paired with the VHF antenna it is insane. Have over 83 channels and I suspect once I get the second antenna will have almost 100 channels OTA. That is insane, I may be able to get Football games from 4 areas, Baltimore Ravens, Washington Redskins, Pittsburgh Steelers and Philadelphia Eagles.

That is way better than cable LOL!


@Lothos Hey there - send a copy of this (or even just your MAC address) to our support team, and we’ll get it added for you :slight_smile:

Which VHF antenna are you using?

Sent with mac address as well

Here you go

I used an Antennas Direct DB8e

I then added Two (one per side) VHF Retrofit Kit

I’ve attached a picture of the first antenna in my backyard which is pointing towards Baltimore but still picking up almost all of the DC channels. I get the second one within the next few days which I will point to DC. So in the end i will have 4 VHF Retrofit Antenas and two DB8e antennas. You can see what it looks like with the kit installed in my picture.

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Oh I did forget to mention I am using a Channel Master Titan 2 Pre-Amp C7777

Thanks… I got the db8e just was looking what VHF antenna you are using… much appreciated.