Need assistance setting up Tablo Connect

I have AT&T Uverse with a wireless gateway.  I initially tried setting up Tablo Connect through that but had issues and was having issues with speed on the wireless gateway anyway so I added my Netgear router.  It still doesn’t automatically setup the Tablo Connect service and I’m not sure how to change the port settings.  I know how to access the router settings and navigated to port forwarding/port triggering but there doesn’t seem to be anything there that allows me to simply adjust the three specific port numbers specified.  Any help would be appreciated.

So u have att gateway and then an additional router now the netgear? If so make sure to turn off DHCP functionality on the attached gateway and only dish out IPS / fulfill routing rules (like port forwarding) with the netgear router / dhcp server. Make sure to adding the Tablo a static address in the process. If u provide exact model of your netgear surely I or someone else can guide you through setting up. I am also certain the @TabloSupport will help as well.

@kbw1011 Have you seen any progress on this? The steps @PiX64 have sent over are correct - but if you’d like a walk through don’t hesitate to contact me directly: Keep me posted on any developments!

My Netgear router is model WNDR3400v2. I still need assistance getting everything working. Thanks in advance for any help.