Necessary to refresh?

I have a legacy Tablo device. I was wondering, is it a good idea to unplug it once in a while to keep it healthy?

With my legacy Tablo I only power cycle it if there is an issue or, since I use it wireless now, when I notice it is connected to my 2.4GHz band. I perform the power cycle and it comes back on the 5GHz band. Otherwise, it runs like a champ.

I have kept it plugged in for many months at a time with no issues.


I wouldn’t recommend it. Only if necessary.
Power surge when turned on can cause problems.

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That’s what a power strip with surge protect is for. With all the electronics in the modern home, I went ahead and put in a whole house surge protector.



Actually, I was referring to just turning the device on. There is a surge there.
Not like a lighting strike, but a surge none the less.
Referring to power going from 0 to 120V. That is a surge.

Most of the cheap power strip surge protectors won’t protect your device.
Trip in 10 nanoseconds. That is too slow. Your device is fried.
Need 1 nanosecond or less.

Yea, I misunderstood what you were saying. Sorry

Yea, buyer beware on the power strips you get. Plus, even the good ones will go bad after too many times tripping. That was why I got a whole house one. Much more robust.

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