NBC won't record

Used to work fine. Checked all settings…all are still set to record. NBC shows have all stopped recording, saying weak signal. Other channels are all working as normal. Thoughts?

Not knowing where you are at I can’t look up more specifics, but is it possible your NBC station has recently changed channels as a result of the FCC repack? Have you done a rescan recently?

Denver area.
Did a re-scan.
Not only can we not record, we cannot watch the channel at all…says weak signal.In settings, it shows all green dots, so full signal.

I have a similar issue with a Fox channel.
However, multiple rescans will report the Fox channel’s signal strength at 5, 3, 1, or even no Fox channel at all.

www.tvfool.com reports a yellow signal strength for that channel at my location.
And yellow signal strength means…

An attic-mounted antenna is probably needed to pick up channels at this level and above.

LOS, line of sight, is required.
Oak trees don’t care.

NM (dB) for that channel is 18.4.

This is the predicted Noise Margin (NM) of each channel “in the air” at your location, specified in dB. You must add/subtract any gains/losses you get from your antenna, building penetration, amps, cables, splitters, and other factors present in your situation. Hypothetically speaking, you need to end up with an NM value above 0 in order to pick up a station.

My antenna is taped to an interior 1st floor wall, so, yeah, not gonna get that channel.