NBC - Recording Failure Blacklist Only

So I get full 1080 green light reception every day of the week on NBC EXCEPT Friday night when Blacklist is on. Every single recording comes back with “weak signal”. I can’t figure out what is going on with that. Is it possible that NBC does something to the signal to compromise the OTA transmission? Or is it a problem with my Tablo? I’m never home at that time to check it live, but earlier in the day and late in the evening after the program is over the signal is fine. It just seems weird that I’m having difficulty with just that program.

We had a customer once in a similar spot and it turns out their neighbor was parking a giant RV right in front of the window where their antenna was pasted.

But if that was the case, recordings on other channels at that same time would fail. Have you tried testing that?

Narrowing the problem down to NBC should help.

But, it would be super rare that a broadcaster would do something that would only affect a single show.

I have another program that records at the same time with no issues. :woman_shrugging:t3: And definitely no RVs in the area.

And when you watch NBC live, there’s no problems? You’re able to tune into the channel regularly?

Yes and I record other programs on NBC. It is only this one program.

There could be some kind of a change happening on the broadcaster’s end specifically for this airing. But it’s hard to say. Are you able to connect to your Tablo remotely (via a mobile app, for example) while this show is airing? If so, try running a channel scan during the air time - or watching it live. Your results should be telling.

Don’t hesitate to send the details to our support team, and we can take a look from our end.

Is NBC on UHF or VHF in your market? Here in Central Fl it is the only VHF station and I do get pixelation during Blacklist too. This causes commercial skip to fail every time.

My attenna has VHF elements and I do get some shows OK but it seems to depend on time of day.