NBC 5 Dallas TX KXTX signal strength

I’m having trouble with NBC 5 in Dallas. I have an attic antennae and record This Is Us. The reception is horrible. Any suggestions? Thank you.

Is the antenna oriented for best pick up? Not sure what else to tell you. Post your tvfool report link and maybe we can determine more (I’m in far N. Frisco, near Prosper).

No problems last night. Wylie/Murphy north of Garland. I have pixilation issues sometimes with cnannel 27-4 Heros & Icons but nothing to keep me from watching the shows since I move the antenna. It took me awhile, read through the old posts for suggestions and ask questions.

Antenna , LTE filter & preamp. Antenna first. Cjcox is futher out than me, but I am in an area with a lot of interference.

I looked at www.tvfool, using 75001 as the zipcode. The station is VHF 5 under the “Real” column. Is your antenna designed for UHF and VHF? If not, that might be the problem.

Do you and Cjcox have the same antenna? LOCATION is very important.

I’ve heard that TVFool isn’t being maintained anymore and their database is becoming outdated. I don’t recall which alternative site was recommended, unfortunately.

I have occasional issues with pixelation on channel 5 as well, but do not with other channels (except very rarely channel 13). It makes no sense because the transmission of channel 5 is coming from the same broadcast towers as most of the other channels in the area. I never had a problem with the channel when I was using TiVo, it definitely started when I switched to Tablo, so it’s something with their tuner for me. It’s still viewable, but it’s really annoying. I even added at LTE filter thinking maybe that was the cause, but it didn’t help.

I still use it. Www.antennarecommediations.com list all the subchannels but not real.

I have had issues with pixellation on odd, random times on the major channels. Unfortunately, when I watch a show like that, I don’t recall the prevailing weather conditions at the time the show was recorded. Tince the majority of my shows are rock-solid, I find it strange.

I honestly wish Tablo would include meta-data on the show’s info panel to display signal strength at the time of recording. It would help reassure me that it was the signal and not Tablo that was being unreliable.

My recourse in the 3 instances of pixellated and unwatchable recordings was to watch them on YouTube TV ($35/month subscription) and the parallel record future airings on my Tivo - just in case. I hate to watch the 12 minutes or so mandatory ads on YouTube TV for a 30 minute show.

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KXTX (Real channel 40) is the Telemundo station. NBC 5 (Real channel 41) is KXAS. I’m assuming your question is really about KXAS.

Note that TV Fool is not that reliable for any station that is involved with the repack. KXTX, for example, is not even listed in the TV Fool report. RabbitEars has KXAS moving to RF 24 during Phase 3 of the repack and KXTX moving to RF 36 during Phase 3. The site admin has been notified (repeatedly) but has been unresponsive to any communication. This has been going on since October.

I know that I was referring to KXAS. For me I don’t think about the “actual” channel numbers when what I tune to is 5.1 (virtual channel) on the TV. :slight_smile:

https://www.fcc.gov/media/engineering/dtvmaps is what I:ll start using

dam :frowning: no more star trek. i looked at tv fool and if you have a 50 foot antenna it’s in the mud or something. i accidently rescanned this, “element 40” tv, over and over and nothing!!! i cant even put it on the channel to adjust the antenna. i stripped the end of a 30 foot piece of coax and put it on the tv then tried in vane to get 27 waving it all around while scanning. i got 76 channels. but no 27 :(… i then mounted a 10 foot pvc pipe with guy wires sticking strait up on the roof and fed it threw the window then shoved the coax into it and and jacked it back and forth as hard and fast as i could while scanning , i got 79 channels!! :slight_smile: but none were 27 :frowning: . i think they are messing with us!!! vx vx vx!!!no channel 27 no matter what tablotv

KDFW is carrying an SD version of KDFI’s 27.1 (which has been HD); KDFI is owned by KDFW. Decades is currently on 4.2. Other subchannels are missing. I’m not finding any articles nor announcements about whether this is permanent or temporary. I don’t watch 4.1 much, so if there was a story there I might have missed it. It will be disappointing if the HD version of 27.1 is gone permanently

27.1 is operating at reduced power this week. They share a tower with WFAA who is working on the tower this week. 27.1 should return by next week according to Fox4dfw

FYI- KDFI 27 must be back to full power

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