NBA local game issue

The Phoenix Suns are now broadcasting on local over the air TV in my area. I can record other programs on that channel, including the Suns pregame show but, not the game. Has anyone else have this issue?

I have reached out to Tablo support, and the local channel . Both did not know what is causing my issue. Still waiting to hear back for the Phx Suns.

Welcome to the community! While it is rare, there have been reports of the Tablo playing everything but a sporting event (usually football games). I use my Tablo almost exclusively for sports, so I haven’t encountered the issue, but others definitely have.

It might be related to the fact sports broadcasting on 720p channels are 60 frames per second, while most other broadcasting is 30 frames per second. The extra bandwidth for sports may be affecting you.

If it happens again, try rebooting everything (Tablo, router, and device) to see if it fixes it. The Tablo can definitely handle sports, but there might be an issue in your setup.

I hope that helps!

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Are you saying ABC or Fox might broadcast sports at 720p/60, but other programming at 720p/30? Where can I read about that?

Is there OTA at 720p and 30 fps. versus 1080i and 480i at 30 fps.

Here is an article about it. Frame Rate: a Beginner’s Guide | The TechSmith Blog


This is the standard for movies and TV shows, and it was determined to be the minimum speed needed to capture video while still maintaining realistic motion. Even if a film is shot at a higher frame rate, it’s often produced and displayed at 24fps.


As mentioned, this has been the standard for television since the early days, and is still widely used despite producers moving toward a more cinematic 24fps. Videos with a lot of motion, such as sports, will often benefit from the extra frames per second.

The reasons for using 30fps are complicated and, as mentioned are mostly to do with television and electricity standards set in the days of yore.


Anything higher than 30fps is mainly used to create slow-motion video or to record video game footage. Additionally, as technology continues to evolve, many smartphones are now capable of recording at 60 fps as well.

That does not say any major 720p broadcasters switch frame rates between programs. I’ve never read anything that says they do.

Regardless, and because we are in danger of drifting off topic here, I will allow that with all the motion, sports might be a more complex signal and harder to compress, but in any case, everything has to fit within the broadcast bandwidth constraints that Tablo is of course designed to handle. So, as you wrote, “The Tablo can definitely handle sports”

Thank you, I should add or correct the subject, I can’t schedule the recordings. I can search for PHX Suns game, but when I try to select the game to get recording option, I get the following error: Failed to load. Item not found. Please try again.

This only happens with the games, can schedule and record pregame and I can other programs on this channel, just not the Suns games.