Native support for media streamers

Hey cool Tablo folks, what would it take to have a native Apple TV app? Or how about for the new Amazon Fire TV? Thanks!


Hey @prabbit - A native Apple TV app would require Apple TV to open development to more companies :slight_smile:  We’d like to do it, but it’s up to them.

As for Amazon Fire, we don’t have much info on it yet since it was just launched. It runs on Android and they seem open to development which is a good start but we need to do a lot more investigation on how an integration would work. 

Any plans for Samsung SmartHub which is built in to many new Samsung TVs these days??  Most of the big providors (i.e. Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, Vevo, etc) all have apps for Samsung SmartHub.

I know there’s probably a tonne of different built-in TV app platforms but I think that Samsung is probably the most common. 

@YYC_TV - We haven’t specifically looked at the SmartHub. You should add it to the feature requests category.

Ok will do. It would be great as then it could be controlled with the TV remote.

When can I watch tv on my iPhone?

JKurly, you can but you have to use the web-based app.

+1 billion for Amazon FireTV app.    Its essentially running Android and your current Android app would not require much modification.

A PS3 app would be great too (80 million units worldwide!).

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I think being able to generically get access to the HLS stream URL would be great - that way any device that supports HLS could watch content - after authenticating and tuning - then developers could use that API to create lots of new and waky and wild interfaces. Another option would be also to publish using DNLA…