My WiFi will not connect to either my android device or my iPad

My Table will not connect to WiFi, Wirelessly it’s a piece of shiite. Everything else I own connects to my Netgear Router with ease.
Mac Address 50:87:B8:00:C0:F5

Hey mate, did you do the wifi setup on the Tablo? That’s how you tell it your wifi password.

I put my password on both bands and neither one will connect…

What happens when you enter the password? Do you just get a ‘connecting…’ spinner? If your Wi-Fi is using WEP authentication, the setup will fail as it requires WPA/WPA2.

Don’t hesitate to send us a ticket or give us a call at 1-844-TABLOTV (822-5688).

The connecting spinner runs for a while, I didn’t time it, eventually, maybe 2 or 3 minutes it says failed to connect to Tablo, Check network and try again. After this failure I lose connection to Tablo_C0F5 network and it disappears from the available networks list. The only way I can get it to re-discover on my Ipad Mini 4 is by resetting the box. I have tried this many times, I sent a screenshot of my router security settings. Should I disable the password, is their a character limit that the Tablo has?
What else can I try, The Tablo is perhaps 7 or 8 feet from the router. During the Tablo Network Search my iPad Mini is a bit closer than that. I am able to see my neighbor’s Network and his house is about 100 feet from where I am sitting at the time I am trying this. It seems that the Tablo Wireless is very weak, not all of them but this particular one is. Any help is appreciated.

If it’s only 4 feet from your router, can you connect it using Ethernet? You’ll be much happier connecting your Tablo using Ethernet.

I have it currently wired and it works great. Are you telling me this device doesn’t have a robust enough wireless system to stream video in HD, The ROKU Premiere + sitting 3 feet away can stream full 4K movies with bandwidth to spare. My wireless channel can stream at 300Mbps on the 5G side and 54Mbps on the slow side. I don’t need nor do I expect the TAblo to perform in 4K, there isn’t anything OTA that requires these speeds. But I do need a connection to reach the ROKU on the other end of my home.that is wireless and I’d like to keep it that way since it’s a family room and I desire the ability to move stuff around without concerning myself with anything except the power cords. If this device can’t do the job I’ll stop trying and I certainly won’t consider an upgrade to the four tuner model.

No, I am not telling you that at all. Many users are using strictly WiFi with great success, all I was saying is that IMHO, you will have a better experience with your Tablo hardwired. I would work with support if that’s the route you want to take, but if it was me, I would hard wire the Tablo and be done with it.

Thanks for the tip! I appreciate the feedback. I’m curious as to why this particular device is giving me so much difficulty. In the early days of WiFi this was common. Interference was easy to find and difficult to eliminate. That’s generally not the case any longer.

Don’t hesitate to reach out directly to our support team. If you keep the Tablo wired, we can send you some instructions for remote access. This way we can check out your Tablo’s logs and see what’s causing the problem!