My trial guide subscription expired, why did I lose remote connectivity?


My trial guide subscription has now expired but I am not sure why I lost remote connectivity option, does anyone know? I don’t even see that option in the Settings anymore!!! I understand that Tablo holds your technical information when you subscribe to guide. But if they are taking away remote connectivity feature when you unsubscribe then that’s not cool. I understand that some features like “primetime” and ease of recording are lost when you don’t subscribe to guide, but remote connectivity is totally unrelated to guide, why should that be taken away? Hope there is a logical answer to this.

Please help me understand.

Thanks in advance!

Tablo Connect is one of the benefits of getting a subscription. If you want Tablo Connect, you must subscribe to the guide.


The logical answer is Tablo has to continue to monetize the device to provide continual updates to all their aps for free. The Roku app, Android app, iPad app, iPhone app - they could charge you a fee for each app you install on a device but they don’t, they are all free. Who is going to pay these software developers?

Even the Tablo Connect feature has required many updates to remain stable across all these platforms. I’m not OK with paying for the guide subscription to find improvements so you can benefit for free.

Lastly, this is clearly stated on their website what is included in the subscription and what is not.

That’s why I’ve opted for the yearly payment rather than onetime lifetime. While I know its not financially ideal on my end, I want Tablo to stay around a while and support them.

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Here is a quote from the details page describing the subscription option:

“For a small monthly fee, our guide data service provides the beautiful cover art, episode and series synopses and metadata that make it easy for you to discover HDTV content by genre and set recordings on your Tablo OTA DVR through our various apps. It also enables some of Tablo’s cooler capabilties including out-of-home streaming through the Tablo Connect feature.”

Note the last sentence.

This link is to that page. The chart at the bottom also shows Tablo Connect as only being available with the subscription.

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That REALLY should be changed to add “on any supported device EXCEPT Roku”

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But this lack of feature on the Roku is more a Roku OS issue, than a Tablo issue.

This is the key word. Roku isn’t supported.