web app - can a device be deleted?

If say, a friend visits, connects his laptop to my network and browses to, from that point forward it will work for him on the public internet, correct? If so, is there a way to delete his credentials to prevent unwanted access?

If your Tablo is setup for remote access (aka Tablo Connect), then yes they can access your Tablo remotely. The only current easy way of not allowing them to access the Tablo is to change the ports which are forwarded to let Tablo Connect work.

How did your friend know about Why is your friend not connecting via a guest network? If he then connects after he leaves your residence maybe he’s not your friend or you need better friends.

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True that, I could use better friends. He knew about because I was showing off my shiny new Quad! Actually this was just a hypothetical question. Once someone has tasted that sweet URL, does he have permanent access? Just trying to understand the system.

Block their MAC address on your network :smiley:

Thanks. I didn’t have to configure the ports on my Linksys router, it just worked right off the bat.

Also - where is the connection info stored? Is it a standard browser cookie, such that if Chrome’s cache was cleared it would no long be able to connect from outside?

If you cleared the website data for in his / her browser then yes they should no longer be able to connect. You need physical access to their computer to do that.

That won’t do anything if they are connecting remotely to the Tablo. They will still be able to connect as their not on your network.