vs TMHI

Just a suggestion … I realize the problem I am experiencing is related to the fact that I have T-Mobile Home Internet, which is not ‘normal’ IPv4. That said, TMHI is a force that is coming strong. If Tablo cannot figure out how to fix the linkage issues, I for one will be leaving Tablo much more quickly than I’d leave TMHI.

I’m on my own local network, and can’t get to my Tablo because of needing to go through some back-end link to validate my Tablo and my computer are on the same network…??? Sorry, but HD Homerun on my Emby server will give me what Tablo has, without the access headache.

How have you verified that that it is reaching out over the internet? My device works fine on my local network as long as it is on the same subnet as it does not route packets between ethernet domains. Maybe TMHI is splitting your network under the hood??? is not on my local network. I have to ‘reach out’ to that site in order to access via the browser. My Roku client doesn’t have a problem connecting, but it doesn’t have to use either.

Hi Mohoelx - I’m not sure of your operating environment, but I recall that the web access, at least on Chrome, was being deprecated. And there was a Win app (if you’re on Win)… that’s what I’m running.

If indeed you’re on Win, does using the native app make a difference? There’s some info about it here:

Good luck!

You’re within your 30 day return window? Or you’re going to stop using the product they got paid for?

I’m sure customer satisfaction is a co concern, but primarily a corporation needs to generate profit.

I had 2 trials with Tmobile 5g and don’t remember any problems with my Tablo.

I have T-Mobile home internet. The important thing is that the Tablo and all the devices using the Tablo are on the same network. I actually have a mesh network with Orbi routers with my T-Mobile device plugged into one and my Tablo plugged into the other, and it works great.

The one big disadvantage to T-Mobile home internet is that remote connect will not work.

I think specifically, IPv6 only ISP’s are the problem (in case there are more than just T-Mobile out there).

Q&A > Are There Downsides to Cord Cutting with Mobile Internet?

Tablo Tv has addressed this in the past:

T-Mobile’s combo router/wireless gateway also doesn’t allow you to use a separate router or mesh network via bridge mode and doesn’t support port forwarding which can affect your use of services like Tablo Connect with Tablo OTA DVRs, online gaming, and home security.

…when it did/does work, or at least had been a known issue.

It looks as though they aren’t even providing IPV4 as a local option on some routers. That is a pain.

Weird … my Tablo is hardwired to my Netgear router, and my devices (Windows and Chromebook) connect to the Netgear wi-fi. My typical result is after 10 - 20 tries, I’ll get connected, but lately that has not followed.

Ouch! ok, so the browsers don’t work anymore… pain, but ok. However, I get the same results with the Windows and Android apps. I dunno…

I can use Chrome, Firefox and Edge to access my Tablo. They all work but if you have surround sound enable on the Tablo the sound only works in Edge or the Windows Tablo app.